Summer Camps

Different and original offer for children and young people in summer time.

Recreational and didactic at the same time, where you can enjoy different Nauticals Activities: Light Sailing, Kayaking, Beach Animation, Workshops, Boat Trips, Giant Banana…

A fun and original summer camp.  


Wide variety of activities, for different ages. Our camps receive children between 5 and 18 every summer. Therefore, each camp is designed so that students find the motivation they need to develop their potential in a fun and safe way.


Our facilities have multiple spaces to carry out activities during the week:

Recreation and rest area equipped with lockers, changing rooms, toilets and showers, picnic area. Workshop area equipped with classrooms and audiovisual room. Nautical school zone in our beach office.


Areas of water activities: Sancti Petri Beach, Camposoto Beach, Urrutia Trail, Marina, Sancti Petri Castle and Punta del Boquerón. A natural, varied and unique environment.

Novojet Multiadventure

Age from 8 to 11 years.
Maximum 2 groups of 15 people.

Activities: Workshops, gymkhanas, water and recreational activities and contact with nautical sports.



1 brother2 brother
1ª week130 €117 €
2ª week105 €95 €
1 month(4 weeks)380 €342 €
Loose day40 €36 €

Novojet Surfvelacamp

Two age groups: 12-15 / 16-19

Max. 1 group of 15 people in each category.

Activities: classes + recreational nautical activities.



1 brother2 brother
1ª week150 €135 €
2ª week130 €117 €
1 month(4 weeks)455 €410 €
Loose day45 €31 €

Frequents questions


Children between 5 and 18 years old can participate.

Playroom 5-6 years old * New *
Multiadventure 7-12 years old
SurfvelaCamp 13-18 years old * New *

How to register?

Fill in and send the registration form

Once received, availability of places will be confirmed. Once the place is confirmed, you must pay 50% of the total amount of the service contracted within 24 hours. following, indicating the name of the child and date in which he participates.

What to take to the camps?
  • Participants must bring a snack or breakfast for the rest each day of the camp, consisting of: snack or fruit and drink.   
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes (preferable booties).
  • Water Bottle.
  • Cap or hat
  • Sunscreen cream.

The different activities will take place at the Novojet facilities in the port of Sancti Petri.

Dates and times

The multi-adventure will take place weekly from June 24 to September 6, 2019. Starting every Monday, as long as we have a minimum group of 8 children, otherwise it will be notified for its change or cancellation.

The entrance time is from 10: 00/10: 15 to 13: 45/14: 00 h.

Playroom and Surfvelacamp from 10.30 to 13.30  *Novelty*

Tariff second sibling

A discount of 10% discount is applied for the second brother enrolled.

In the case of enrolling siblings in different camps, the discount rate will apply to the younger sibling program.

Method of payment?

Payment can be made:

  • Through bank transfer to the account number.
  • In cash or card at the Sancti Petri port office.

*You must send / deliver the proof of transfer.



11 + 10 =

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