Castle Sancti Petri


Novojet only does the boat transfer to and from the castle. If you want to make a visit inside it is necessary to arrange it before going.

A little history…

Visit with Novojet the castle of Sancti Petri which was built by the Phoenicians around the 19th century BC. in honor of the God Melkart (God of commerce and navigators), so its main function was to serve as a base for commercial and cultural exchange.

The temple began its decline in the 4th century until it lost its past greatness completely during the Visigothic rule. It suffered attacks and destruction, the action of the sea, the exploitation of oyster stone quarries and successive ones.

Its history is verified by archaeological finds and Greek and Latin texts, confirmed since the 16th century by historians and scholars. In the 15th century, a tower was built to be used as a lighthouse and watchtower that was joined, by sight, to the watchtowers of El Puerco, Torre Bermeja and Cádiz.

Later, in the 18th century, it would become a prison and today it serves again as a lighthouse in addition to exploiting it culturally.

entorno-castillo-pareja-sancti-petri-ave-chiclana-turismo Playa Novojet


entorno-castillo-pareja-sancti-petri-ave-chiclana-turismo Playa Novojet

Novojet just takes you to the castle and brings you back. The company in charge of the guided tours within the place is another. The visit to the interior and the surroundings takes place in an hour and a half

visit the castle by kayak
  • With the right tide you can go kayaking and enjoying the surroundings.
  • Minimum duration two hours.
  • Ask us for more information.

The transfer is done in zodiac boats of up to 11 people.

Price: € 15 adults, € 10 children (1-12 years). Does not include entrance.

** If you have reduced mobility, the boat excursion is not recommended because disembarkation takes place at the castle dock


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