Navigation License

What is the navigation license?

The navigation license or titulin, as it used to be called above, is a permit that you can get in just 6 hours of training and that does not require passing any exam.

It enables for the government of pleasure boats of up to 6 meters in length and for coastal navigation at a maximum distance of the coast of 2 miles, during the day. In addition, with the new regulations published in Royal Decree 238/2019, it is established that with the obtaining of the Navigation License, nautical bikes can be taken without power limit.

Navigation License Attributions

Up to 6 meters in length

The navigation license allows to govern boats of a maximum of 6 meters in length.

No power limit

The Navigation License does not set a power limit on boats or jet skies.

Diurnal navigation

With the navigation license only day navigation is allowed

Aquatic bikes

The Navigation License enables to govern all types of jet skies.

Up to 2 miles from the coast

The maximum distance allowed to get off the coast with the Navigation License is 2 miles.


  • To be older than 16.
  • Take a theoretical course of at least 2 hours duration
  • Perform 4 hours of basic safety and navigation practices
  • Obtain a medical certificate *
* valid the medical certificate of the car of the last two years
*Clarifications: Practices will be carried out on the Novojet sailboat
*Clarifications: Practices will be carried out on the Novojet sailboat


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