Dinghy Sailing Course in Sancti Petri



110€ per person

* 4h divided into 2 days / 2h daily

* For a second course a 10% discount will be applied

Dinghy Sailing Course
in Sancti Petri

You can get started in dinghy sailing, take recycling or improvement classes.

After a theoretical introduction, you will enjoy your first experience aboard our modern boats, light and easy to steer:

  • Ludic, school boat with capacity for 8 people
  • Topaz capacity for 2 people

Price per person.
The classes will be intensive courses in two days of two hours.
You can hire as many courses as you want, but always with that course format.
The maximum ratio per monitor would be 6 students.

Dinghy Sailing Course

Level A

Mounting and Trees
Theoretical concepts in water
Navigation directions
Controlled navigation
Tipping technique

Level B

Level A Reminder

Initiation to the trapeze.

Quick tack and gybe

Tipping technique

Material Rental

* If you know how to navigate you can rent the TOPAZ sailing dinghy

Topaz are very safe, stable sailing dinghies that inspire confidence in beginners and as your level increases, the performance of the boat increases. First of all, topaz is a boat to have fun sailing

* Max. 2 people.

* It is essential to know how to navigate.

* Acceptance document “rental conditions” will be signed


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